In parallel with my career as an academic and researcher, in the last few years I have earned experiences in many of the fields connected with the publishing industry. In 2009, during my Erasmus year, I worked as an intern for Wallflower Press, a London publishing house which focuses on cinema. When I returned to Pisa to start my postgraduate studies, I created, devised and edited for one year the cultural journal Ottomillimetri, which was funded by the University and focused on literature, cinema and the arts. In 2011 I also participated to the Berlin International Film Festival as an accredited journalist, and I published two articles on the important cinema website Sentieri Selvaggi (

These experiences, together with my academic career and the work I am currently doing as a translator and proof-reader, helped me to enhance my textual and editing skills and to develop the ability to liaise with other professionals and publish my work. I now look forward to gaining a more important role in the field of publishing and the media.