My blog Meet Michael Floyd presents an unusual look at the history of cinema and its great movies. In the blog, you will find short stories linked, directly or indirectly, to all the most significant films of the last century. What is more important, the stories will follow the life of Michael Floyd, a fictional character who will go on to become an important film critic.

Each post will focus on a particular moment in Michael Floyd's life, starting with his childhood in the twenties and continuing, while he grows up and changes and becomes more mature, up until his old age. Some of the short stories will be directly connected with a particular movie, and will describe him actually going to the cinema; others will simply depict a particular episode in his life, while in the background an important film is on at the movie theatres.

This is, perhaps, more a short story blog than a blog about cinema. But it allows me to link two of my greatest passions and to present, each week, a story in English to anybody who is interested.

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