PhD in Comparative Literature, University College London (UCL)


Academic research in the field of English and German popular utopian, dystopian and science fiction literature. Ability to organize, write and often correct a complex project and to examine the work of several authors to produce new and valuable knowledge. Ability to write to very tight deadlines developed through my experience of working and studying at the same time.

Publication of the first chapter of the thesis on the University of London journal Postliminium

Winner of the UCL Margaret Richardson Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA) to Dr. Florian Mussgnug for the 2014 Comparative Literary Studies module

MA in European Literature and Philology, University of Pisa (Italy)


Modules include: English and German languages and literature, philology and the philosophy of language, all passed with the highest marks.

Final degree 110 / 110 Summa cum laude

Final dissertation on cinema and theatre in German Expressionism

BA in European Literature and the Publishing Industry, University of Pisa (Italy)


Development of the interdisciplinary skills required to be proficient in literature, in the media, and in the spoken languages, with a focus on the publishing industry. Modules include: English, German and Italian languages and literature, cinema, and business organization, all passed with the highest marks.

Final degree 110 / 110 Summa cum laude

Final dissertation: translation from English to Italian of the short story ‘A Short History of Hairdressing' by Booker Prize-winning author Julian Barnes, previously not translated in Italy

Erasmus student at King's College London (KCL)in the 2008-2009 academic year